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The university was created by the archbishop Pey Berland in 1441 and was abolished during the French Revolution, before reappearing in 1808 with Napoleon I. Bordeaux 1 accommodates approximately 70,000 students on one of the largest campuses of Europe (235 ha). University Bordeaux 1’s focus is on sciences and technologies. Its motto is "Science and Technologies for the service of Man and the Environment". It is located in the Bordeaux suburb of Talence.

Workshop Description

The Workshop is dedicated to bringing together the very latest information on the chemistry and biology of the environmental pollutants known as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). It is our hope that the Arcachon PCB Workshop will provide an opportunity for researchers of varied backgrounds and expertise to integrate their knowledge and experience, and to apply these to questions of the detection, movement, metabolism, toxicity, remediation and risk assessment for this class of industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants. The structure of the workshop will support interaction among researchers by having all oral presentations in plenary sessions. Speakers provide a general and comprehensive overview of selected topics mentioning their own contributions and those of others. Poster presentations will be solicited as well. Ample time will be provided during the coffee and lunch breaks for poster viewing and discussion.

 Workshop Objectives

A primary objective is to provide guide lines for risk assessment and risk management for PCBs and related compounds as mixtures found in human environment. A second major goal is to present the very latest findings relating to the chemistry and biology of PCBs. In particular, the Workshop will provide the opportunity to present the results of French research groups studies carried out during the last years related to environmental pollution, food exposure and human monitoring programs. A third objective is to discuss the presence of PCBs in African and southern countries in terms of environmental and public health consequences, and solutions for elimination and remediation.